Optimal Credit Card Selection



Optimal credit cards Without credit cards, life is hardly conceivable today, as more and more goods and services are purchased via the Internet. There, the credit card is the most popular form of payment. It provides security for both sides in responsible use. In addition, this type of payment has the advantage that you get your goods faster than if you pay them in advance or a Sofortüberweisung. In such a case, the seller always waits for payment first. Also against a delivery via cash on delivery one has advantages, because in some cases very high fees are incurred.

Types of credit cards

Types of credit cards

A popular and secure way to let young people get the benefits of a credit card, without taking an economic risk, is the prepaid credit card . An overdraft of the account is therefore not possible, because only then sales can be made, when a credit has been charged to the card .

Also a very high security offers the debit credit card. Here, an immediate offsetting of sales takes place, which are only possible if there is a credit balance on the clearing account. These debit credit cards are mainly given to customers who have a not very good credit rating. The classic form of the debit credit card is the debit card, which today is given to almost every checking account, if you can prove regular payments.

The highlight among the credit cards is of course the card for the customer, in which a delayed settlement of sales occurs or on which one gets an overdraft on the clearing account granted. However, there are different fees, whereby one can secure favorable offers by a comprehensive comparison. The two most important criteria for comparison here should be the annual basic fees and the interest that must be paid to exhaust the credit line granted.

Provider for credit cards

Provider for credit cards

The traditional providers of credit cards are and will remain the traditional banks. But recently, other providers, such as the big automobile clubs, are also joining. Here one can use additional achievements, which can consist in the fact that one gets immediate rebates when refueling. Elsewhere discounts for booked travel or bonus credits are possible. This means that offers should always be checked for suitability for individual needs and habits.


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